Former wrestling broadcaster Vince McMahon is largely forgotten in wrestling history, but he called many iconic matches, such as Damien Demento versus Skinner.

“What a manuever!” If you were a fan of professional wrestling during the 1980s and 1990s, you may remember this signature holler from a mainstay of the commentary table on World Wrestling Federation (WWF) programming.

Often clad in a baby-blue sportcoat with a WWF insignia on the breast pocket, he was the voice of WWF during its heyday, when superstars like Skinner, Max Moon, and Men on a Mission (M.O.M) became household names.

But whatever happened to the man with the dulcet tones and chin dimple, who was beloved for his premature presumptions of pinfalls (“One, two and it’s ov — No, he kicked out!”)?

His name was Vincent K. McMahon, and it turns out he was the son of longtime wrestling promoter Vince McMahon Sr.

As heir-apparent to his father’s wrestling empire, Vince Jr. occasionally helped with promoting some events, but quickly discovered that he possessed neither the showmanship nor the business savvy to be a full-time promoter.

He left the wrestling business after his father sold the promotion to Jack Tunney, who transformed it into the sports-entertainment juggernaut it is today.

These days, McMahon enjoys reflecting on his day in the “rasslin’ business,” but has devoted his time to a small business selling nutritional supplement ICO PRO at fitness conventions.

“Quite frankly, being a promoter just wasn’t for me, quite frankly,” said McMahon. “I just didn’t have the grapefruits for it, quite frankly.”