WWE films
The Miz (left) stars in, but could not bring himself to watch, Christmas Bounty.

Despite weeks of high-profile advertising during World Wrestling Entertainment programming, Christmas Bounty — a sappy made-for-TV movie starring WWE superstar The Miz — went unwatched by millions, including The Miz himself.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it,” admitted The Miz. “I mean, it looked pretty awful.”

The plot of Christmas Bounty, which premiered on network television last night, revolves around a female bounty hunter-turned-schoolteacher (Francia Raisa) who must return to her hometown when an old nemesis threatens her family.

In other words, it is essentially the same plot as every previous movie starring a WWE wrestler — The Chaperone, 12 Rounds, The Reunion, Inside Out, Bending the Rules, The Condemned, and 83 others — except this one has a Christmas theme and considerably less violence.

The Miz portrays Mike, a wisecracker who throws people around, which demonstrates the Miz’s acting range.

According to Nielsen Ratings, thousands of viewers did watch Christmas Bounty, but it is believed that the vast majority did so because they couldn’t find the remote.

The Miz is expected to star in another WWE Studios film, titled Muscular Ex-Con a With Heart of Gold Saves the Day, after a third-grader finishes writing the script.