Eric Young Gimmicks
Three of Eric Young’s 99 gimmicks in TNA — Super Eric, Weirdo Women-Wrestling Eric, and Paranoid Eric. The versatile wrestler promises that his 100th personality will be a doozy.

TNA Wrestling mainstay “Showtime” Eric Young announced yesterday that he is nearly ready to unveil his 100th character gimmick.

“It’s going to be great,” said Young, whose 74th persona was a wooly-bearded ruffian in a relationship with ODB and feuding with Angelina Love and Winter.

Several gimmicks followed — many of which Young himself can’t accurately recall.

“My next persona will be the one that sticks, I think.”

Young’s schizophrenic career has been marked by frequent, fleeting and sometimes inexplicable character changes.

Since joining TNA wrestling in 2004, some of Young’s more memorable personae have included: Team Canada member, paranoid guy, Super Eric, Elvis hunter, TNA Frontline member, Danny Bonaduce hater, World Elite leader, member of The Band, retard, oblivious partner of gay guy, TV Champion, and enemy of D-list celebrities.

His many other personalities have been fleeting, poorly conceived ideas that garnered little traction and were quickly discarded.

The 100th gimmick, Young promises, will be “the best one yet.” Anonymous sources within TNA report that Young has been practicing how to walk in high heels lately.