Fans of professional sports-entertainment were treated to a rare thrill this week when Charlotte Flair confronted Lita on Smackdown, resulting in the kind of nails-on-chalkboard inanity that can only happen when two legends of shoddy dialogue are handed hot mics. 

“You have a giant head,” taunted Lita, prompting literally dozens of fans to briefly chant “giant head, giant head!”

Lita, rubbing it in with the panache of a playground toddler, added: “Giant head! Huge giant head.”

Charlotte then proceeded as if nothing had been said about the size of her  head, and made a snide comment about Trish Stratus and motherhood (because that‘s good writing!).

Individually, Lita and Charlotte are both well known for their respective inabilities to be deliver compelling, or even tolerable, oration into a microphone, and for pulling facial expressions that range from pinched to pained to strained to pursed. 

But when these two titans of tween twaddle collide in the same ring, the catty name-calling and awkward facials might be too much to bear for even the most masochistic wrestling fan.

Lita and Charlotte will both compete in the Royal Rumble elimination match, mercifully without microphones. 



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