did batista quit wwe
Brie Bella and Batista have inspired a wave of quitters.

Following the sudden and acrimonious resignations of Brie Bella and Batista from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), experts believe the quitting trend will completely decimate the company’s roster by week’s end.

WWE has officially entered what pundits are calling the “Quitting Era” — following on the heels of the edgy “Attitude Era” and family friendly “PG-Era” — which will be characterized by a mass exodus from the company.

The trend apparently began when petulant superstar CM Punk suddenly walked out of WWE to take what the company euphemistically described as a “sabbatical.”

The streak-ending swan song of the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 has led many to speculate that he too is calling it quits, further strengthening the quitting movement.

A statistical analysis of the frequency of recent resignations reveals that, if current trends continue, WWE’s entire roster of wrestlers, broadcasters, referees and road crew members will have quit by the end of June.

Except JTG, of course. JTG will still be there.