What was intended to be a nostalgic reunion of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) alumni was instead an utter flop after every single wrestler was deemed to be in no condition to perform.

The poster for a recent ECW reunion shows featured the images of several wrestlers who were deemed in no condition to perform.

Fans who arrived at an armory in eastern Philadelphia — just blocks from the now-defunct ECW Arena — were told the show was cancelled due to an absence of capable performers, and that no refunds would be offered.

Several hours before belltime, scheduled headliners Sabu and Sandman were found in “rough shape,” apparently having overdone the previous night’s partying.

Balls Mahoney was eager to perform, but was obviously concussed, babbling incoherently and vomiting occasionally.

CW Anderson forgot to bring his ring gear, Nunzio got trapped in a backstage locker, and Raven was deemed too bitchy to perform.

Tommy Dreamer wisely declined the invitation to appear.

It was the latest in a series of failed attempts to recapture the magic that once fueled the violent, renegade wrestling organization.

ECW alumnus Shane Douglas, who coordinated the recent failed attempts at ECW reunion shows, insists that next month’s Extreme Jamboree will be “epic.”

So far, only Mikey Whipwreck has agreed to participate, but only as a guest referee.