wrestlemania payday
Fans show off the replica belts on which they spent an entire week’s pay.

This Sunday, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosts its annual WrestleMania extravaganza, which will be a lot more enjoyable if you try to forget that its top performers will make more money that night than you will during your entire working life.

Roughly 70,000 fans will pack Orlando’s Camping World Stadium to witness Roman Reigns face The Undertaker, and those two combatants will earn obscene sums of money that the vast majority of those fans couldn’t even dream of acquiring.

The Undertaker, for instance, is rumored to take home in excess of $1 million for his WrestleMania appearance — which, if converted to an hourly wage, works out to roughly $55,000 per minute.

Your enjoyment of WrestleMania, therefore, will probably be greatly enhanced if you f0rget that, for his dramatic entrance alone, The Undertaker will earn roughly $400,000 ($600,000 if he really takes his time on that absurdly long ramp).

You, meanwhile, will spend roughly $10,000 in gasoline this year just to drive to your stupid job that you hate — but again, it’s best not to think about that.

Enjoy the show!