Ellsworth HOF
An artist’s rendering of the recurring dream James Ellsworth has been enjoying nightly.

Thanks to his meteoric rise to the pinnacle of sports-entertainment, wrestling wunderkind James Ellsworth is already envisioning what he’ll say when he is inevitably inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I worked my chin off to get here,” Ellsworth wrote in a draft of his induction speech, which he posted today on his blog.

Ellsworth has already toppled some of the greatest competitors in the sport, including multiple victories against AJ Styles and a nail-biting near-victory against Braun Strowman.

It seems unquestionable that Ellsworth will soon — perhaps as soon as this spring — be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, taking his rightful place alongside such pro wrestling legends as Pete Rose, Drew Carey, Koko B. Ware and Donald Trump.

“I may not be the biggest guy,” reads Ellsworth’s draft speech. “I may not be the strongest. I may not be the handsomest. I may not be the quickest. I may not be the most talented. I may not have the strongest jawline. But I, um…”

It is expected that Ellsworth will be inducted by his “hero and mentor,” Hall of Famer Barry Horowitz.