WWE Elimination Chamber toilet
A public elimination chamber at a park in Tokyo.

WWE executives were surprised to learn recently that the term “elimination chamber” refers to a toilet in at least 30 cultures worldwide.

A new study published by the Harvard Linguistics Review explains why uncomfortable-looking tourists sometimes show up at the annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and frantically that they need to urinate.

A number of Uzbek travellers arrived this morning at the Arizona arena where this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event is being held, desperately pointing to their lower abdomens with pained expressions on their faces.

“We apologize for any confusion,” said a WWE press release issued this week.

“Elimination Chamber refers to a roofed, chain-link cage with six plexiglass pods, not a toilet,” read the release. “Any crap booking is purely coincidental.”

To avoid further confusion, WWE is considering changing the name of the pay-per-view — and the match that is its namesake — to something less ambiguous.

Users of the WWE smartphone app are encouraged to vote their favorite: “Satan’s Jungle Gym,” “The Evacuation Station,” or “Hell in a Round Cell.”