WWE tag teams
The Spirit Squad and The Killer Bees will have their work cut out for them when the Powers of Pain and The Young Stallions return to WWE.

The surprise return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) this week of the Dudley Boyz has sparked what is being called a “tag team revolution,” making possible the return of other legendary teams.

A reunited Spirit Squad — with Dolph Ziggler reprising his role as Nicky — burst giddily onto the scene during a taping of Smackdown¬†in Roanoke last night.

The cheerleaders were interrupted mid-cheer, however, by the Killer Bees — B. Brian Blair and Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell — who vowed to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships that eluded them during their first WWE tenure.

But just as the Bees were about to attack the Spirit Squad, the arena loudspeakers erupted with the sound of Nikolai Volkoff singing the Russian national anthem alongside The Iron Sheik, who babbled something about making the Blair “humble.”

Before Volkoff could finish the anthem, though, he was sneak attacked by the Dream Team — Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake — who issued an open challenge to the Demolition, The Mean Street Posse, The Hart Foundation, and the Ding-Dongs.

The entire scene devolved into a chaotic schmoz when the Young Stallions, Strike Force and Tekno Team 2000 burst onto the scene.

Infuriated by the preposterous trend they started, The Dudley Boys then stormed out of WWE and joined Ring of Honor.