who is august1warning
Duane Gill fears his #August1Warning gimmick might be overhyped.

Longtime professional wrestler Duane Gill is concerned that his scheduled debut on TNA Wrestling tonight has been “a bit overhyped” with the mysterious #August1Warning gimmick.

“TNA is making a really big deal of it,” said Gill, who lost 97 percent of his matches in the ’80s and ’90s, except during a brief stint as a spoof character named Gillberg.

“I think fans might be a little disappointed when they find out that August1Warning is me.”

TNA has been promoting the debut of a mysterious newcomer in a series of cryptic, unsettling promos — each accompanied by the hashtag #August1Warning.

Some keen-eyed fans have pointed out that the silhouetted mystery man in the videos looks vaguely like Gill, but most have dismissed the idea that TNA would create such hype around a 54-year-old semi-retired jobber.

Gill says he is terrified that he won’t live up to expectations, but he might have a solution:

“I’m going to bring my Gillberg trunks and sparklers, just in case.”