When the state-run TV cameras stopped rolling, dozens of protesters were beaten and killed by militias of the ruling dictator.

Dozens of corpses are stacked like cordwood in the streets of Memphis this morning after a peaceful demonstration, dubbed “Occupy Raw,” sparked violent retaliation from the totalitarian regime it was protesting.

At least forty demonstrators, all wearing t-shirts bearing the visage of revolutionary rebel Daniel Bryan, were mercilessly slaughtered by henchmen of the ruling dictatorship, The Authority.

What had been intended as a nonviolent uprising of the downtrodden proletariat drastically escalated into a bloody showdown once the state-run live television cameras had been shut off.

The Authority denies all media reports of a “cleansing,” although an underground, anti-Authority network called the “Yes Movement” insists the attacks were swift and brutal.

It is believed that the leader of the rebellion, Bryan, escaped the wrath of The Authority’s militias, and is now in hiding at a secret location known only as Casa Bella.

The United Nations has denounced the actions of The Authority, but has refused to authorize military intervention against the regime because Stephanie McMahon — concubine of the ruling dictator — is “still really hot.”

Political watchdogs who have been keeping a close eye on the conflict believe tensions between the “Yes Movement” and The Authority may escalate until early April, when a so-called “Battle of New Orleans” is set to unfold.

According to sources close to the conflict, the dictator of The Authority looked proudly at the piles of dead bodies in the streets and callously grunted: “Bury them. Bury them all.”


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