After legendary luchador Reymond “Rey” Mysterio was disrespectfully unmasked by The Miz this week on WWE Raw, Mysterio’s son Dominik got his first-ever glimpse at his father’s real face. 

Fans at ringside report that Dominik began sobbing upon laying eyes upon his father’s face for the first time in his 24-year life. 

Dominik could seen calling for a towel at ringside, which he had intended to use to wipe his tears, but his father Rey snatched the towel away to once again shield his face from view. 

According to legend, Rey Mysterio has worn the mask ever since being hideously disfigured in childhood during a fire at his family’s funeral home. 

Although Dominik considers Rey his true father, Dominik’s lineage has been clouded by allegations that the late Edmund “Eddie” Guerrero was actually his biological papi. 

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