James storm nxt
Dixie Carter’s latest spy, James Storm, has arrived in NXT to attack WWE from within.

Dixie Carter, the evil genius behind Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, has made another bold move in her game of human chess against rival company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), deploying James Storm as her latest double-agent.

Carter’s intricate attack on WWE began subtly several years ago, first with her own acquisition of top WWE star Derrick Bateman (whom Carter brilliantly repackaged as her own blood kin, Ethan Carter III).

More recently, Carter has employed a “Trojan Horse” operation to insert some of her most loyal soldiers — James Storm, Samoa Joe, Sting, AJ Styles, Monty Brown (a.k.a. Apollo Crews) — into the WWE ranks, to topple the company from the inside.

Sources close to Carter describe her as a “Machiavellian mastermind” who will stop at nothing to overthrow Vince McMahon’s WWE and reign supreme with her own global monopoly over professional wrestling.

TNA’s apparent waning popularity and dwindling attendance at recent live events is “pure subterfuge” designed to lull WWE into a false sense of security, according to one source.

Some conspiracy theorists even suggest that “Dixie Carter” is actually a heavily disguised Ted Turner, who has sought revenge against McMahon ever since the collapse of Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Desperately trying to fight back against the TNA onslaught, WWE has blatantly stolen a former TNA storyline — the Abyss/Joseph Park angle — for a silly saga featuring Kane and Seth Rollins.