Vince WWE
Vince McMahon amazingly keeps a straight face while telling preposterous untruths at a press conference.

The female performers in World Wrestling Entertainment — known affectionately in the business as Divas — are every bit as important as their male counterparts, Vince McMahon said recently without bursting into laughter.

“When members of the WWE Universe come to a live event, they are coming to see the Divas just as much as the male Superstars,” the WWE honcho told reporters yesterday, somehow not even cracking a smile.

“The Divas are an absolutely crucial part of the WWE experience.”

McMahon, a consummate professional adept at dealing with the media, did not bite his lip, avert his eyes or fidget during the press conference, demonstrating a remarkable ability to lie convincingly.

He didn’t even snicker when he added: “Our Divas are not plastic Barbie-Dolls — they are tough, fierce competitors, and positive role models to young girls everywhere.”

McMahon has a long track record of keeping a straight face when delivering preposterous untruths. For example, he maintained a perfect deadpan when he announced recently that he plans to “listen to the die-hard internet wrestling fans and give them exactly what they want to see.”

He also said, without the slightest nervous twitch, that he “loved the movie The Chaperone.”