WWE Elimination Chamber
Six Divas will battle inside the Elimination Chamber, if they can manage to get out of the plexiglass pods.

An all-Divas Elimination Chamber match has been booked for this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view as part of WWE’s new “Equal Rights for Women” campaign.

WWE has been criticized in the past for excluding women from the match, which has led some to label it the “Discrimination Chamber.”

Six Divas will be locked inside plexiglass pods within the enormous chain-link steel cage, and will enter the match in intervals until one competitor remains.

The match is being lauded as a “courageous step toward equal rights in the traditionally patriarchal sport of professional wrestling,” said noted feminist blogger Glenda McCutcheon.

The match comes on the heels of WWE’s successful campaigns against bullying and breast cancer.

Many fans, however, are worried that the Divas won’t be able to deliver some of the excitement people have come to expect from the match, such as smashing through plexiglass pods.

The buyrate for Sunday’s pay-per-view immediately plummeted following the announcement.