Zack Ryder has, unbeknownst to his colleagues and fans, “walked out” of WWE.

Fed up with what he perceives as corporate mismanagement and favoritism within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), professional wrestler Zack Ryder has defiantly “walked out” of the company unnoticed.

Ryder says he is taking an indefinite “sabbatical” from WWE as a means of passive aggressive protest against the company — a protest that would likely be more effective if any company brass realized he had done it.

Ryder was inspired to mutiny from WWE by fellow wrestler CM Punk, whose abrupt “walkout” in late January fuelled speculations about flagging morale among performers in the company.

But whereas Punk’s conspicuous absence from WWE ┬áhas sparked a vocal backlash from fans, Ryder’s protest has failed to catch the attention of anyone but a small group of loyal fans who watched his latest “Last ReZort” video in its entirety.

Ryder announced that he will not return to WWE until he is guaranteed a WrestleMania main-event match, or at least a job portraying one of the Undertaker’s druids.

In the meantime, Ryder plans to return to his music career by recording a follow-up to his 2013 hit “Hoeski,” which he has tentatively titled “Prostituteski.”


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