undertaker hall of fame speech
The Undertaker prattles on about the time he got in a fist-fight in a hotel room with Tully Blanchard and “totally kicked his ass.”

Fans of professional sports-entertainment are united in the abject disappointment at the embarrassing display by a self-absorbed and ungrateful Undertaker during an endless, cringe-inducing Hall of Fame speech. 

An online movement called #CancelTaker is demanding that the Undertaker’s induction be repealed, given the offensive and confrontational nature of his slurred rant. 

The so-called Phenom stammered through a tirade of old grievances, burying countless former opponents in the process — many of whom squirmed uncomfortably in their seats during the meandering tirade. 

He spent an entire 17 minutes going on and on about the time he and “Naitch” drank all the liquor at a bar in Tallahassee and “beat the crap out of some local hillbillies just for fun.” 

During the entire 137-minute stream-of-consciousness ramblings and dead-end tangents, The Undertaker thanked only one person for his great success in pro wrestling: himself. 

Just watch this disgusting display of self-worship: 

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