dumb gamer
Craig Williamson was instantly stumped.

Shortly after purchasing his copy of WWE ‘13 for Playstation 3, local half-wit Craig Williamson threw down his controller in frustration, stymied by the “Don’t Try This at Home” load screen.

“Well that’s stupid!” blurted 22-year-old Williamson.

“If I’m not supposed to play it at home, where the hell am I supposed to play it?”

Williamson failed to realize that the warning message refers to the dangerous wrestling moves depicted within the game, not playing the game itself.

He tried to return the game to the store where he bought it, but stormed out in frustration when the clerks responded to his complaint with uproarious laughter.

Family and friends of Williamson’s report that he has been getting progressively dumber ever since he suffered a concussion while attempting a moonsault at home.


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