wwe app cole
Eric Dale is still struggling to figure out how to download the WWE App, unaware that his flip phone does not support the technology.

Eric Dale, a particularly dimwitted wrestling fan from Tallahassee, is grateful to WWE commentator Michael Cole for his weekly step-by-step tutorials on how to download the company’s smartphone app.

Although Dale has yet to successfully complete the download process, he feels he is getting closer with each try.

More than nine million smartphone users have successfully downloaded the app without the need of a tutorial.

Most, in fact, have downloaded the application in the vain hope that, if enough people do so, Cole will eventually shut up about it.

Dale, however, has been diagnosed by doctors with “an extremely low IQ, even by wresting fan standards,” which causes him to struggle with even the simplest of tasks.

Because of his mental limitations, Dale actually believes that, once he finally sorts out how to download the app, his votes in WWE polls will actually count.

He has not yet realized that his flip phone does not support apps.