Most fans of professional sports-entertaining know Vince McMahon as the swaggering corporate tycoon at the helm of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but few know that, away from the spotlight, he loves cuddling with the many cats he named after his vanquished rivals.

McMahon’s sprawling Connecticut mansion is filled with furry felines, from an adorable kitten named Dixie to a cantankerous 17-year-old tabby named Ted.

Vince McMahon now spends most of his days in sweatpants on his sofa, covered in cats.

“And this little cuddlebug is Gagne,” said McMahon during a newly released episode of WWE 24, which chronicles the billionaire’s life away from the bustle of running a global entertainment juggernaut.

Although McMahon says he “could never pick a favorite,” he says he admires the courage of a slender golden-furred kitten named Cody, who frequently climbs onto McMahon’s lap to kneading his paws against McMahon’s grapefruital region.

McMahon says he never intended to accumulate so many cats, but just “couldn’t resist” after adopting a father-son pair of cats named Jerry and Jeff.

While McMahon claims he loves how cats are “independent spirits,” sources close to McMahon believe he secretly enjoys the power of holding the fates of lesser beings in his hands.

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