strowman size
As seen in this chart, Bob “Braun Strowman” Steinman is barely average height.

Although most wrestling fans now claim to be “smart” to the duplicitous inner workings of the business, a staggering majority of them still gullibly believe Braun Strowman actually stands six-foot-eight, unaware that his apparent height is an illusion created by camera angles and risers in his boots.

Strowman is actually only five-foot-six and barely weighs 160 pounds, according to leaked WWE medical documents.

In reality, the so-called Monster Among Men is 47-year-old Bob Steinman, a former accountant and aspiring actor who auditioned for the role of “Braun Strowman” several years ago, and was given the part after unleashing an impressive guttural roar.

WWE television editors are able to create the illusion of an unstoppable towering behemoth thanks to an ingenious mix of CGI, cleverly placed mirrors, misdirection, and by pitting Strowman against even smaller opponents.

This is not the first time WWE has exaggerated the size of its superstars. Paul “Big Show” Wight is roughly the same size of Friends star David Schwimmer, and Andre the Giant was actually two normal-sized men wearing a giant costume, one riding on the other’s shoulders.

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