Professional sports-entertainer LA Knight has gained huge popularity in America, and thanks to his impressive ability to mimic an American accent most fans don’t realize he is British. 

Born and raised in Liverpool, Knight learned the ropes of the wrestling business at the Butlins Holiday camps in the United Kingdom. 

During his formative years, Knight (real name Cedric Fizzlewig III) grew up idolizing Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, and the wrestlers he watched on World of Sport. 

He performed under numerous ring names over the years, including Sir Buckingham, Union Jack, Stiff Upper Lip, Spotted Dick Rick, and Her Majesty’s Secret Wrestler. 

He adopted the name “LA Knight” several years ago, started speaking with an exaggerated American Accent, and recently found fame in World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been compared to British actors Hugh Laurie and Idris Elba for his ability to eschew the Queen’s English and convincingly sound like a hick from Maryland. 

He reportedly lives in London with a butler and seven corgis.

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