Can you picture this rock god in… a wrestling ring?!

Some interesting news from the world of hard rock music today: vocalist Chris Jericho of FOZZY revealed during an interview with Kerrang! Magazine he occasionally puts music aside to perform as a professional wrestler! 

Jericho is best known as the silver-throated wailer behind the stage persona of Fozzy’s Mongoose McQueen, most rock fans don’t realize that he occasionally grapples for a small wrestling upstart based in Jacksonville, Fla.

The singer revealed his semi-secret life as a wrestler during a press junket to promote Fozzy’s yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album (Sony Music, date TBA). The album was previously rumoured to be named “2o2o,” though Jericho has stated that the new plan is to give the album the cryptic name Family Grudunzle

Fozzy is gearing up for a 375-city world tour — the band’s largest since the Sin and Bones era — with performances at the Acropolis, the Great Wall of China, the Vatican, Mar a Lago, Buckingham Palace, and headlining Woodstock 2022. 

Jericho tends not to talk much about his wrestling hobby with his bandmates, according to Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward.

“Wait, Chris wrestles?” asked Ward. “I literally had no idea. He has never mentioned it to me. Chris Jericho is not a very talkative person, you know.”


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