Fans of professional sports-entertainment remember Damian Mizdow as the erstwhile stunt-double for Hollywood leading man The Miz, but the chameleonic Mizdow recently landed a gig doing stunts for an arguably even bigger star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In nearly all of the action sequences in the new superhero film Black Adam, moviegoers are actually seeing Mizdow instead of Johnson. 

According to one Hollywood insider, Mizdow is also Johnson’s body-double for the film’s love scene, primarily because the filmmakers thought “Johnson didn’t look very good with his shirt off.” 

Mizdow also did all of the motion-capture work as Johnson’s stand-in, and his spot-on mimicry of Johnson’s every mannerism led to the crew nicknaming the stuntman Damian Rockdow. 

Mizdow also recently performed as Tom Cruise’s stunt double on the upcoming Mission Impossible film, and as the body-double for the title character in a biopic about Princess Diana. 


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