Rumors are swirling today that CM Punk, the former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar who quit the company acrimoniously in 2014, may have secretly returned to WWE at the recent Crown Jewel event in [REDACTED].

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Crown Jewel pre-show battle royal noticed that “Sin Cara” had a telltale tattoo of a Pepsi logo on his upper arm — which is one of the many “product placement” tattoos Punk has gotten as part of lucrative endorsement deals.

In other news related to Crown Jewel, it seems WWE intends to build on its successes in [REDACTED] by launching a new series of events in Mordor, tentatively titled King of the One Ring to Rule them All.

For more on these and other breaking stories, let’s go live* to our studio, where anchorman Philip N. Marx is standing by:

*not live.

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