That’s Venis on the right there, making his O Face.

Allegations are emerging that a former WWE Intercontinental Champion uttered comments to fans and fellow wrestlers that could be construed as “lewd” and “sexually suggestive.” 

Valentino “Val” Venis was a top-level mid-carder during WWE’s so-called Attitude Era, but some people are alleging that Venis had some “attitude” that bordered on sexual innuendo inappropriate for the workplace.  

According to one leaked report, Venis is accused of the following: 

  • Leering at female fans
  • Purring “Helloooooo ladies” at women in a suggestive manner
  • Excessive groinal gyration 
  • Breaking WWE’s backstage dress code by repeatedly wearing only a towel
  • Overuse of ham-fisted sexual puns and double-entendres
  • Once showing is pee-pee to coworkers (though Mr. Venis insists the coworkers were trying to forcibly choppy-choppy his pee-pee). 

Venis denies all of the allegations, countering that his in-ring character was actually intended to be an “asexual eunuch” but was widely “misunderstood” to be a former adult film star. 

In real life, Venis now nothing like the character he portrayed in the ring. He lives a straight-edge lifestyle — no drugs or drink — and he is a proud liberal who campaigns for tirelessly for trans rights and other social justice causes. 


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