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Johnny Serpent thinks he has the look and charisma to one day “make it big” on the Cleveland wrestling scene.

Johnny “Snake Eyes” Serpent, a rookie independent wrestler from Dayton, is doggedly pursuing his dream of one day getting “called up” to the main roster of Cleveland Wrestling Alliance (CWA).

Serpent is currently “paying dues” by setting up the ring and performing in early-card battle royals at monthly CWA shows, hoping to catch the attention of CWA booker Ian “The Boss” McMayhem, who has a discerning eye for up-and-coming talent.

“If I can just show them what I’ve got, I’m sure I’ll get a push,” said Serpent, who away from the ring is Subway sandwich artist Kevin Reinhart.

“Until then, I’m keeping my mouth shut and my ears open in the locker room, getting advice from CWA veterans like ‘Uptown’ Max Brown and Pelvis Wrestley. Those guys have climbed the ladder and are making, like, 20 or 30 bucks a night.”

Although many wrestlers in the central Ohio territory dream of main-event fame in CWA, competition is fierce and few ever get a chance to compete for the coveted CWA World Heavyweight Championship (known affectionately as the “two pounds of aluminum”).

Though Serpent is determined to become the so-called “Face of CWA,” he admits that, if he doesn’t get his main-roster push, he can always try his backup plan: TNA.