Moxley Ambrose
He couldn’t cut it in TNA, so WWE signed Jon Moxley to a modest four-figure salary.

World Wrestling Entertainment has demonstrated once again that it is a distant second-best in the sports entertainment industry by pinning its hopes on yet another cast-off from dominant Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, namely Jon “Dean Ambrose” Moxley.

Discarded by TNA several years ago because he didn’t meet the company’s impeccable standards of excellence, Moxley frittered around the independent wrestling circuit for some time until WWE, clamouring to capitalize on anyone with TNA experience, signed him and renamed him Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is the latest in a long line of former TNA talent who, desperate to remain active in pro wrestling after being released from the company, lower themselves to work for the floundering WWE.

Christian, Booker T, Xavier Woods and Sting are all examples of former TNA stars who have swallowed their pride to work for the smaller, Stamford-based WWE.

Despite many industry pundits insisting that WWE has been financially unviable for years, the company has somehow evaded bankruptcy. Experts insist, however, that putting TNA rejects like Ambrose in main-event matches will hasten WWE’s downfall.

“WWE is giving Ambrose a huge push, and he’s being considered World Championship material,” reports wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, citing “reliable” sources.

“What’s next, Claire Lynch as Divas champion?”