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Steve Reinhardt had long since lost the ability to communicate in any manner other than ranked lists.

After months of struggling with depression and loneliness, frequent Bleacher Report contributor Steve Reinhardt penned a suicide note the only way he knew how: in a ranked list.

Displayed in slideshow format, which forced his grieving family to click through multiple pages to read the whole note, Reinhardt outlined the “Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Go On Living in this Cruel World.”

Ironically, Reason #10 was: “Can’t remember how to communicate in any way other than ranked lists.”

Reinhardt, who primarily contributed wrestling-related articles to the popular crowdsourced sports site — such as “Top 30 SummerSlam Undercard Matches” and “42 Reasons R-Truth Should be World Champion”– died penniless, and with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Among the ranked reasons Reinhardt provided for ending his own life:

#7: I’ve written 93 articles and only earned a bunch of imaginary medals and badges instead of money

#4: The people who leave comments under my articles are really, really mean

#1: Tyson Kidd will probably never get the push he rightfully deserves, which saddens me.

After clicking through the multiple pages of the suicide note, Reinhardt’s family members were automatically navigated to one of his earlier articles, titled “30 Reasons Jeff Hardy Should Turn Heel at Lockdown 2013.”

His mother acknowledged that, in hindsight, the article was clearly a desperate cry for help.