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Hugh Manitarian promises to train WWE rookies with a “holistic approach” that is inclusive, spiritual, and completely devoid of violence or anger.

Former WWE trainer Bill DeMott, who left the company amid allegations of harsh and insensitive coaching methods, insists he is “a new man” after sensitivity training, and will return under the moniker Hugh Manitarian.

DeMott has been reinstated as head trainer at WWE’s Performance Centre, where he insists he will employ a “holistic, meditative, and inclusive” regimen that “empowers up-and-coming talent to embrace and nurture their inner superstars.”

Gone are the days, DeMott insists, of verbally berating opponents while they perform dozens of flat-back bumps to the point of vomitous exhaustion.

Demott, who once portrayed the character of Hugh Morris, insists that his new persona of Hugh Manitarian will encourage wrestlers to seek peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue rather than bodyslams and verbal abuse.

“Violence is never the answer,” he told a class of NXT stars this morning. “The only way to truly get ‘over’ in this world is through kindness and understanding.”

While many WWE trainees say they prefer this gentler incarnation of DeMott, some wonder how long it will be before he transforms into Hugh Jasshole.