Zack Ryder, apparently suffering delusions of grandeur, points at the WrestleMania sign.

In a bizarre gesture indicating delusions of grandeur, professional wrestler Zack Ryder pointed at a large, illuminated sign advertising WrestleMania 30, a marquee event at which he will almost certainly not perform.

Ryder, a perennial fall guy (or “jobber,” in wrestling lingo) stood on the second turnbuckle and pointed to the sign during a recent taping of WWE Superstars, after losing a three-minute match to JTG.

Pointing at the WrestleMania sign is a time-honored tradition among WWE’s main-event stars — a symbolic way of telling fans that they will headline WWE’s most spectacular event of the year.

Ryder made the gesture with a wild, far-away look in his eyes, apparently blissfully unaware that he is more likely to perform at game seven of the World Series than at WrestleMania.

Ryder’s gesture drew guffaws of laughter from the 12,000 fans in attendance, as well as from the entire roster of fellow wrestlers backstage.

Concerned about Ryder’s mental wellbeing, WWE honcho Vince McMahon pulled the wrestler aside and assured him that he would not appear at the April pay-per-view.

Through tears, Ryder eventually sobbed: “Boo hoo hoo, I know it.”


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