trump wweDuring an early-morning Twitter tirade, unhinged US President Donald Trump spouted his most outrageous “alternative fact” to date — that he is an inductee in World Wrestling Entertainment’s Hall of Fame.

Tweeted the delusional president: “I’m proud to be a @WWE Hall of Famer — one of my many accomplishments in sports and entertainment.”

The preposterous tweet seems to confirm widely held suspicions that the president is mentally unstable, since he obviously has never done anything even remotely worthy of earning a position in the vaunted WWE Hall of Fame.

Granted, Trump did shave Vince McMahon’s head at WrestleMania 23, and two lackluster instalments of WrestleMania were held at Trump’s gaudy casino in Atlantic City, but such fleeting dalliances with WWE do not put him in the same league as deserving Hall of Famers like Drew Carey and Koko B. Ware.

Sources inside the White House say Trump’s delusions of grandeur also include the absurd claim that he “purchased” Monday Night Raw in 2009, only to sell it back to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon the following week for double the price.

Trump even claims he once received a Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin, but there exists no footage of Trump taking anything resembling the maneuver (although he did once awkwardly tumble torso-first onto Austin’s shoulder).