Fans of professional sports-entertainment worldwide eagerly anticipate WWE’s annual WrestleMania spectacular, but many are left with the same question: why is it crammed into merely two nights? 

Fans at the AT&T Stadium in Texas loudly booed and chanted for “refunds” at the conclusion of night two of WrestleMania earlier this month, disappointed by the brevity of the show. 

“What a rip-off,” moaned one fan on Twitter, lamenting that he had only seen eight hours of live wrestling over the two-night WrestleMania, plus the three hours of Raw, and numerous independent shows. “I won’t be attending another Mania until it’s extended to at least six nights.” 

To many fans and pundits, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it event akin to the boxing pay-per-views at the height of Mike Tyson’s career, which were over practically before they started.

Responding to the criticism, WWE has announced that ext year’s WrestleMania, to be hosted in Los Angeles, will be a 36-hour “marathon of sports-entertainment” featuring a 100 matches, 120 appearances by B-list celebrities, and daily full-length concerts by Flo Rida. 

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