DDP Yoga jake roberts
Big John Studd (right) has been resurrected and whipped back into shape thanks to the yoga system of Diamond Dallas Page (inset).

The yoga system developed by Diamond Dallas Page, which has done wonders to rehabilitate beaten-down old wrestlers, has now successfully brought a dead wrestler back from the grave.

Big John Studd, who passed away in 1995 after a brave battle with Hodgkins’ Disease, has been resurrected and is expected to wrestle again thanks to the rejuvenating powers of DDP Yoga.

“I never thought I’d get my sorry ass out of that coffin until Dallas motivated me,” said Studd, who has been recuperating at Page’s house for the past several weeks, alongside recovering wrestlers Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

“But now I feel great, I look great and I’m ready to get back in the ring — hopefully at the next Royal Rumble.”

DDP Yoga combines traditional stretching techniques with dynamic resistance, and is guaranteed to help clients lose weight, gain strength or return from the afterlife.

Page insists his yoga system, combined with proper diet and a positive mindset, will even someday “bring back Dino Bravo,” who died in 1993 as the result of 17 gunshots to the head and torso.