Daniel bryan return from surgery
Sadly, doctors could not remove the malignant bellanoma on Bryan’s hip.

Wrestling fans worldwide are saddened today to learn that doctors who performed Daniel Bryan’s recent surgery were unable to remove a career-threatening Bella from Bryan’s side.

The Bella, or “malignant bellanoma” in medical terminology, first appeared on Bryan’s hip last year, and has become more prominent and dangerous in recent months.

It had been widely hoped that doctors would be able to perform a career-saving bellectomy while Bryan was sedated for recent neck surgery, but the procedure appears to have failed, as Bella was seen by Bryan’s side moments after the operation.

Experts fear that Bryan may soon begin to suffer the effects of so-called “Yoko Ono Syndrome,” in which a gifted performer’s talent is sapped by a partner or spouse of drastically lower talent.

Bryan has already made dozens of career-damaging appearances on Total Divas, and it may be only a matter of time before he and Bella are booked in a long mixed-tag feud against Fandango and Layla, which will be the final nail in the coffin of Bryan’s career.