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Daniel Bryan announces he will retire someday

Daniel bryan retirement

Daniel Bryan will retire at some point, sources confirm.

Fans of professional wrestling were stunned today when popular WWE star Daniel Bryan admitted during an interview that he will definitely retire from the ring “at some point.”

“I mean, it’s inevitable, isn’t it?” said Bryan in the emotional, tell-all interview. “It’s not like I’m still going to be wrestling when I’m 90, right?”

Immediately after the interview was published on a popular Reddit wrestling forum, the hashtags #ThankYouBryan and #RetirementNO began trending worldwide on Twitter.

Daniel skyrocketed to fame in the lead-up to WrestleMania 30, where he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and inspired thousands of out-of-shape wrestling fans to dislocate their shoulders by overzealously thrusting their arms upward while chanting the word “yes.”

The announcement of Bryan’s eventual retirement caused dismay among millions of fans, except the smuggest smarks who claim they never liked him in the first place.

Update: Daniel Bryan announced via Twitter this morning that the supposed interview was fake and that he will never retire because he is immortal and awesome.

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