Daniel Bryan “sells” his injured shoulder, which will make fans especially excited about his “hot comeback,” currently slated for 2019.

Demonstrating once again that he is a professional wrestler par excellence, Daniel Bryan has entered his seventh consecutive month “selling” an injury angle to manipulate the emotions of fans.

Bryan is masterfully eliciting what’s known as “babyface sympathy” by maintaining the charade of a career-threatening neck injury until he makes a crowd-pleasing “hot comeback” (likely in 2019).

Whereas lesser performers would typically “sell” an “injury” for a matter of weeks — for example, John Cena and his “broken” nose — Bryan is delivering a virtuoso performance of “kayfabe” by feigning the inability to compete for so long.

“Man, he’s good!” said veteran wrestler Bob Orton, who wore a cast for more than five years to sell a supposed injury.

It has been suggested by a minority of wrestling pundits that Bryan might actually be injured, possibly due to his extremely physical style and tenacious work ethic.

But this theory is generally dismissed by most reasonable people since, according to a landmark 1984 expose by reporter Jon Stossel, professional wrestling is all phoney-baloney.