daniel bryan returns
Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE is eminent (sic), according to a guy who should be doing his homework.

Popular WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, who has been sidelined since spring recovering from neck surgery, will make his much-anticipated return to the spotlight on this Monday’s episode of Raw, according to a teenager who has a wrestling blog.

“My sources guaruntee (sic) that Bryan will be back in action on Monday,” wrote 18-year-old Brayden Lipke on his Shoot Wrestling News blog, though he failed to reveal that his “sources” are a tweet that he briefly saw, or perhaps dreamed about, last night.

Lipke also confirmed that Bryan will immediately “call out (CM) Punk because their (sic) scheduled to fight at WrestleMania 31.”

Naturally, millions of wrestling fans are abuzz with excitement over the news — partly because they miss seeing Bryan in action, but largely because they tend to uncritically believe anything they read on the internet.

WWE has neither confirmed nor denied the news, nor even paid the slightest attention to yet another shoddily researched and poorly written wrestling news blog.

Although Lipke frequently reports rumors and hearsay without checking facts or verifying sources, he has built a loyal following because he still has a far better accuracy rate than Bleacher Report.