Four of the wittiest humorists of professional wrestling — the cadre of dandy fops known as D-Generation X (or D-X) — will delight audiences with their trademark brand of intellectual comedy when they reunite this week on WWE Raw. 

D-X dazzled patrons of the grappling arts with their rapier wits during their heyday in WWE’s so-called Attitude Era (so named because it was a time of intellectual renaissance that changed many attitudes. 

The members of D-X, for example, frequently had viewers practically rolling in the aisles when they made zippy bon mots about Vince McMahon’s fondness for roosters (an ingenious bit of wordplay, given that rooster’s are also known as cocks, which itself is nickname for penises — hilariously implying that McMahon actually likes penises. 

This week’s D-X reunion will feature the sophisticated comic stylings of Shawn Michaels (real name Michael Wigglybottoms), Triple H (real name Terrance Reizin), the Road Dogg (real name Brad  Rheingans) and X-Pac (real name unknown). 

The droll humour of D-X is considered by many to be on par with the best moments of clever levity from Oscar Wilde, Money Python, and Wrestling Society X. 



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