d-generation x
A classic D-X moment showcasing their low-brow, schoolboy humor.

The members of legendary wrestling faction D-Generation X stated in a new retrospective documentary that they are proud to have inspired a worldwide phenomenon of puerile douchebaggery.

“It’s humbling to think that we had such a profound effect,” said Shawn Michaels, reflecting on the legacy of dick jokes, lewd gestures and thinly veiled homophobic slurs.

Added partner Triple-H: “Every day, I get approached by some thick-skulled, mouth-breathing dipshit thanking me for inspiring him to become an arrogant bully.”

During the group’s heyday, D-Generation X was the hottest commodity in professional wrestling, raking in millions of dollars from the sales of merchandise bearing their trademark slogan, “Suck It.”

Wrestling historian Brady Alven says that D-Generation X played a pivotal role during WWE’s so-called Attitude Era, proving that “it pays to be a smug, immature prick, even if you’re a middle-aged man.”

Without D-X, Alven added, the “crotch-chop” gesture may never have attained global popularity, “which would have been a real shame for drunken fratboys everywhere.”