curtis axel curt hennig
Curtis Axel (top right) chose his ring name as a tribute to Curtis Hennig (left) and Larry “The Axel” Hennig (bottom).

Rookie WWE superstar and controversial “Paul Heyman Guy” Curtis Axel reportedly chose his ring name as a tribute to his grandfather, legendary wrestler Larry “The Axel” Hennig.

“I wanted to honor my grandfather by turning his nickname, ‘The Axel,’ into my surname,” the rookie said.

Axel’s first name, furthermore, is a tribute to his father, the late Curtis Hennig.

To further honor the memory of his father, Axel is apparently considering adopting the nickname “Mr. Flawless.”

Many other WWE superstars are impressed by Axel’s tribute to his forebears, and intend to make similar gestures.

According to backstage rumors, Bray Wyatt is expected to make his Raw debut under the ring name Bray R. Schyster.