perfect plex curtis axel
Curtis Axel delivers an Imperfect-Plex to Sin Cara.

Professional wrestler Curtis Axel paid a lackluster tribute to his late father, Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig, by delivering a half-baked homage in the form of an Imperfect-Plex.

At the end of a marginally entertaining match against Sin Cara, Axel delivered what was supposed to be a cradle fisherman’s suplex, or Perfect-Plex, which his father employed to finish off opponents.

But all of the elements that made his father’s version of the maneuver absolutely perfect — the crisp execution, the tight cradle, the neck bridge and perfectly arched back — were absent from Axel’s version.

Axel did not fully lock his fingers when cradling Sin Cara’s leg, resulting in an awkward scoop and a sloppy landing, during which Axel’s own shoulders were pinned to the mat.

Technically, Axel should have lost the match, since his shoulders were down first.

The referee, however, took sympathy on Axel because Curt Hennig left impossibly big footsteps to follow.


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