curt hawkins buddy murphy
To perform as Buddy Murphy, Curt Hawkins goes topless, but otherwise leaves his appearance unchanged.

Although professional sports-entertainer Curt Hawkins has been on an embarrassing losing streak on WWE’s Raw brand — winless in more than 200 matches — he is faring much better on 205 Live, where he performs under the pseudonym “Buddy Murphy.”

As “Buddy Murphy,” Hawkins has actually been building quite a name for himself, climbing the ranks of the Cruiserweight Division with some impressive wins over the likes of Mustapha Ali, Ariya Daivari and Kalisto #7.

To disguise his true identity, Hawkins speaks with a laughably phony Australian accent when performing as Murphy, and claims to be from Melbourne (where the New York native has never set foot).

While many fans believe Hawkins and Murphy are two different people, those fans are zany conspiracy theorists who probably also believe that Bray Wyatt was once called Husky Harris, and that Mr. America was a masked Hulk Hogan (proven false).

Hawkins, who weighs 223 pounds, has already failed one 205 Live weigh-in (prior to The Greatest Royalest Rumblest Ever), exceeding the Cruiserweight Division limit of 205 pounds.

But he figures he can lose the pounds, since losing has become his most marketable talent.

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