Ric flair and charlotte
Before he could be whisked away by security, the peculiar old man (left) jumped in the ring to congratulate Charlotte on a recent win.

Wrestling fans around the world are united in puzzlement over the identity of a strange — possibly inebriated — elderly man frequently seen in the presence of WWE Diva Charlotte.

The man, whose leathery skin and snaggletoothed grin many fans find unsettling, often imitates Charlotte’s trademark holler of “wooo,” leading some to conclude he is a deranged stalker.

One witness claims to have seen the mystery man perform an elbow-drop onto his own suit jacket, which clearly indicates some form of mental instability.

Nobody is quite sure who the man is or what he wants from Charlotte, but a number of theories have emerged in online wrestling forums:

  • He is Charlotte’s limousine-drivin’, jet-flyin’ chauffeur
  • He is Sin Cara unmasked
  • He is the wrestler/priest formerly known as Mordecai (the resemblance is uncanny)
  • He is part of the new Seniors Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants special wishes to disoriented geriatrics
  • He is Charlotte’s long-rumored Siamese twin, horribly deformed during the separation surgery

Some fans insist he is a former member of legendary wrestling faction The Four Horsemen, but that is clearly incorrect because the real Four Horsemen were Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, and Paul Roma.