bret hart attacked
Cameras captured the moment that Bret tackled Bret.

In an exclusive interview with Kayfabe News, the 27-year-old man who interrupted last night’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony denied culpability, insisting “Bret tackled Bret.”

The fan, clad in a rastafarian headdress and what appeared to be long dreadlocks, shocked viewers of the live ceremony by dashing into the ring and delivering the single worst belly-to-back suplex in the history of WWE (aside from a pitiful one delivered by Maven one time).

The man, who is now the most hated heel to square off against Hart since Yokozuna, claims it was “Bret’s decision” to get tackled, and that the tackling was “best for business.”

Once he was apprehended by security guards, the fan was taken to the backstage area, where he received an F5, four superkicks, 27 knife-edge chops to the chest, and eventually a 40-minute sharpshooter.

Much like Vince McMahon, who famously once claimed that “Bret screwed Bret,” the crazed fan earned a black eye for crossing the Hitman, as well as several-dozen broken bones.

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