Seth rollins injury
Demon Rollins makes his WWE return, conspicuously concurrent with an injury suffered by Corporate Rollins.

Almost immediately after professional wrestler and corporate brown-noser Seth Rollins was sidelined with an unfortunate knee injury, the masked Demon Rollins burst onto the WWE scene.

Amid ominous music and fiery pyrotechnics, Demon Rollins stalked to the ring moments after Corporate Rollins was wheeled out on a stretcher during a WWE event in Ireland.

Rumoured to have been horribly burned during a childhood fire, Demon Rollins is said to be mentally deranged and possibly educated in dentistry.

The Medium-Sized Red Monster, as Demon Rollins is colloquially known, choke-slammed several wrestlers and referees and then, with a dramatic arm gesture, summoned fireballs from all four ringposts.

Some fans have pointed out striking similarities in appearance between Corporate Rollins and Demon Rollins — such as the streak of blond hair emerging from his leather mask — leading some to speculate that the two wrestlers are actually the same person, which is clearly preposterous.

Demon Rollins is expected to win a tournament at Survivor Series for WWE Championship vacated by the injured Corporate Rollins.



[Wisecrackery aside, we wish Rollins a speedy recovery.]