Russo Cornette
These grown men still call each other names.

After decades of behind-the-scenes animosity and public wars of words, wrestling personalities Jim Cornette and Vince Russo have reportedly buried the hatchet, so to speak, with a passionate, uninhibited lovemaking session. 

What began as an “informal meeting” between the two “to discuss matters like adults” turned into a torrid physical affair between two men whose passion for pro wrestling was outweighed only by their hitherto unacknowledged passion for one another. 

Proving that “opposites attract,” the tantric sexual communion saw Cornette, a wrestling historian and traditionalist, physically express his love for Russo, whose smut-oriented booking sensibilities once enraged Cornette. 

“Bro,” purred Russo, puffing on a cigarette in a moment of post-coitus afterglow. “Brooo.”

Cornette, finally sober enough to be mortified by what he had just allowed himself to do, thwapped Russo upside the head with a tennis racket, dashed out of the room and is reportedly now hiding somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. 

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