Fans and pundits of professional wrestling are abuzz today after the latest edition of the venerable “PWI 500” — the most prestigious annual ranking in all of sports and entertainment — gave the coveted top spot to Happy Corbin. 

According to Las Vegas oddsmakers, Corbin was a real long-shot for the ranking, putting the chances at 500:1, and even Corbin himself reportedly wagered against it. 

But Corbin snagged the top spot that most believed would go to Roman Reigns, who ranked 32nd this year. 

Asked how he felt about the award, Corbin said he was happy. 

Other rankings caught readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated by surprise, such as:

  • Ric Flair ranked second
  • Seth Todd Rollins ranked 428th
  • The rankings 87 through 279 are all RJ City
  • Numerous rankings went to someone named Lorem Ipsum. 

Sadly, “Dirty” Drake Dillon ranked 501st for the 10th consecutive year. 

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