pope and trump
Donald Trump was expecting to meet Impact Wrestling star “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

United States President Donald Jimmyjam Trump was visibly befuddled yesterday when, upon arriving at the Vatican, he realized he was not going to meet professional wrestler “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. 

Trump had spent weeks looking forward to chatting with the Impact Wrestling star, and was keen to discuss Dinero’s recent match against Trump’s former surrogate in the Battle of the Billionaires, Bobby Lashley. 

“Oh,” said Trump upon meeting Pope Francis on Tuesday. “Um, hi. Did you see the size of my inauguration crowd?”

Several awkward minutes passed as Trump regaled the indifferent Pope with tales of the time he shaved Vince McMahon’s head. 

Trump told reporters last week that he is a “yuge fan” of the Pope, but many were confused by his follow-up comment: “I especially liked him as Elijah Burke.”

Trump’s overseas travel has taken also taken him to Saudi Arabia and Israel, but the pilot of Air Force One is reportedly confused about Trump’s latest request to visit Parts Unknown.